POLOMARCONI is proud to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi 1874-2024.

It is amazing how the ideas of the Italian Genius have contributed to technological development in each sector, around the world and are still so relevant today that everything is wireless.

Every day at POLOMARCONI, we feel a little bit like his heirs and we are proud of that.

Thank you Guglielmo Marconi!

“…at the end, the success of each project is the result of the skills and the dedication of the people working on it”

We have been doing it since 1996!

Guglielmo Marconi, December 2nd 1932
The father of wireless, who has changed our world.

Innovation and research

Guglielmo Marconi has created his businesses around these principles, becoming the synonym of evolution in modern communication.

His projects and his innovations have led mankind to a new era: the information age. With the advent of radio broadcasting, Guglielmo Marconi dominates the birth of telecommunications, leaving an indelible imprint that influences the world to this day, inspiring humanity to have courage in their ideas, to always look to the future.

In this spirit, POLOMARCONI.IT, a company with twenty years of experience in the radio communications market and latest generation technologies, has specialized in the design and production of components and systems for telecommunications.

Guglielmo Marconi, from the transmission over the hill to the first transoceanic communication, was able to pursue innovation by trusting in his vision, aware of his abilities.

Nowadays the challenges are different, but the determination is the same: POLOMARCONI.IT is the company at the forefront of the market, constantly looking for innovation in the radio frequency communications sector.

An Italian company, a global partner

POLOMARCONI.IT’s headquarters are located in Verona and the production plant is based in Bergamo, near Milan.
Inside the production plant there is one of the two R&D departments.

All the product supply chain is made in Italy: starting with the design and the prototyping, followed by the environmental testing, ending with the production. POLOMARCONI.IT’s products are 100% made in Italy.

POLOMARCONI.IT is an international company, with 85% of export. All of this is made possible thanks to the network of branch offices or joint ventures with local business partners.

POLOMARCONI.IT optimizes the cooperative relationship with costumers from all over the world. In the next two years, POLOMARCONI.IT intends to strengthen its own presence in international markets.
This plan has already started with Turkey and provides openings for new partners in the most important markets in the world.

Quality without compromise

Being fully aware of the high standards requirements in the field, POLOMARCONI.IT has adopted the most stringent procedures to guarantee the maximum quality for its products.

Each prototype is subjected to different resistance tests in order to verify the operativity on extreme temperature, humidity, pressure, salt spray resistance, shock, etc. After the design and development tests, the products that are leaving the factory are tested one by one and sent to the client with the relative test reports. For each part number, there is a dedicated Quality Plan that follows all the steps of the supply chain: assembling, tuning, and checking to minimize failures and guarantee the best quality for each product.

These standards are also applied to the Qualification Data Package, where all technical documentation and test reports are collected for each single part number.

With this organizational model, POLOMARCONI.IT’s products and processes are controlled and guaranteed with the most rigorous certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and mod. 231.

Flexibility is the way forward

Flexibility and new technologies to support the customer.


Since its foundation, POLOMARCONI.IT has been the answer to find solutions that need complex analysis and require high performance. Expertise and problem solving are the assets that allow POLOMARCONI.IT to win each challenge, no matter how complex the project is.


Every day POLOMARCONI.IT’s know-how is evolving: the engineers and technicians are exploring the frontiers of telecommunication, to improve the performance of each product and give the best solutions to the clients.

Each customer has found in POLOMARCONI.IT a reliable and careful partner: POLOMARCONI.IT’s values have at their core the satisfaction of the customer.

The feasibility analysis, technical reports, and prototyping are made with the maximum efficiency and innovation, resulting in a product that meets reliability and performance expectations. POLOMARCONI.IT supports their customers by giving them the opportunity to interact with its technicians at all stages, from design to production, with innovative tools to follow really closely the development and continuous improvement of the product.

POLOMARCONI.IT: experience, expertise, authority.